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Revolution Campus Ministry is made up of college students who have radically changed their lives to live God’s way. We have been blessed to find real relationships that last and friends that are consistently there through the ups and downs. Everyone wants to be a part of something great and something lasting. The Good News is that having a purpose in life is attainable. A full life in Jesus is what we have found (John 10:10), and we want to share that life with others! We constantly have events and activities to have fun and meet new people. Be on the lookout for us at UMSL, St. Louis Community College and other campuses in the St. Louis area.


Throughout the semester, Revolution Campus Ministry hosts and attends events designed specifically for college students.  From our on-campus events  (Root Beer Kegger, Ladies Spa Night and Escape Rooms), to our trips and retreats off campus (Family Vacation Retreat, Spring Break Trip), to our weekly CrossChats and devotionals, RCM is committed to sharing life and growing in our relationships with God.  You can find out what’s upcoming through our church calendar or on social media. We look forward to seeing you! 


Every Tuesday night, RCM hosts a CrossChat event where we meet, eat, and greet college students from the St. Louis area. Each week we dive into and discuss different topics that are designed to help us think about the Bible and how it can be applied to our daily lives.  Reach out to us if you want to learn more about this great time of fellowship and where they are held.  


Life can be rough, and our campus students are not excluded from this fact.  From the everyday struggles of trying to fit in and be accepted by peers, to the deeper hurts of abusive pasts, to the choices we make that cause chaos in our lives, our students have found healing from that which has controlled them for years. Our students have healed through God’s Word, His people, and the various classes that the Crossings Church offers throughout the year. To learn more about these classes and the power of God that heals us, check out our Support Ministries page.  

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